Archive | October, 2020

Hand-Sewing Needles — More than Meets the Eye

There are three kinds of quilters:  Those who embrace hand sewing. Those who hate hand sewing and avoid it at all costs. And those who vacillate between the two. I quilt with a couple of die-hard hand piecers and quilters.  I also quilt with quite a few folks who are hard-core second category machine quilters.  […]

Getting Myself Organized

One of the most frequent questions I get asked concerns how I organize myself for projects.  There are several answers to this question.  A lot of it depends on the project.  Some of it depends on where I’m making it (a quilt retreat, a friend’s house, my mom’s home, or my studio).  A tad bit […]

Log Cabins

When Log Cabin quilts are mentioned to anyone – quilter or non-quilter – most folks can conjure this image: Log Cabin blocks and quilts are easily one of the most recognizable quilting images.  Their appearance – strips of fabric sewn around a center square – is one of the most iconic quilting visuals.  Some quilt […]

Partial Seams — Way Easier than They Look

Several weeks ago – way back when we were constructing the LeMoyne Star block – we dealt briefly with a technique called partial seams.  I kind of glossed over it, because I was much more interested in everyone getting good and comfortable with Y-seams.  The traditional LeMoyne Star requires both kinds of seams, as do […]