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Fearlessly Starting

I had two starts this week.   For those of you who may not understand the quilting terminology “start,” let me explain.  A quilter purchases fabric for a quilt and/or pulls material for a quilt from her stash to begin a new quilt top.  A “start” in quilting-land is when you take said-referenced fabric and […]

Fearlessly Progressing….

Happy Weekend! I have been stitching my fingers off this week.  I finished my entry for The Applique Society’s Postcard to Placemat contest.  I think I’ve quilted that thing to an inch of its life, but as soon as I finish binding it, it will be photographed and shipped out.  I wish I could show […]

Quilt Fearlessly

Well I survived the 2017 Snow Apocalypse.  According to my trusty quilting ruler, there was 10-inches of the fluffy, white stuff on top of my car by last Saturday afternoon – which meant I spent much of the weekend in my quilt studio.  I accomplished a lot, but never as much as I want to.  […]

Nothing Like a Little Honesty

I have a lot of great quilting friends. There’s the group of women I sew with on Tuesday nights.  On any given Tuesday night, anywhere between 8 and 20 of us get together and sew and quilt.  This Sit and Sew started at Dragonfly and now that the store has closed, we are continuing to […]