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Back in the Quilting Groove — Part 2

First of all, if you haven’t read last week’s blog, you may want to stop now and take a gander at it.  This is the second part of a two-part series on quilt backs.  If you haven’t read the first part (Back in the Quilting Groove), you may be a little lost navigating this blog. […]

Backs for the Quilting Groove

I didn’t have jury duty. I dutifully called the night before, as instructed, and was told by a disembodied voice that “Although you have a valid juror number, your services are not required at this time.” Words cannot adequately express how happy I was.   I’m off the hook for at least three more years.  I […]

Because I’m a Good Citizen…

The blog is  little early this week.  There’s a good reason for this. I have jury duty tomorrow. Well, that’s not quite entirely true.  I think I have jury duty.  I will know for sure tonight after 6 p.m.  when I call the pre-recorded line and see if my number is up is called.  Have […]

Using that Stash….

Before I get any further in this week’s blog, I do want to finish one of the topics I wrote about last week in Stash Happens.  Remember when I told you folks about my project boxes and how fabric purchased for a particular project went into those boxes?  Each project has its own box, and […]