Archive | February, 2020

Twisting the Traditional

Let’s talk modern quilts.  And let’s talk traditional blocks.  While at first glance those two may seem like mixing oil and water (there’s a bit of agreement, but then graduation and distinct separation), quilters can marry them off (quite happily, may I add), with a few twists.  For years whenever anyone mentioned quilts and quilters, […]

As Close to Perfect as You Can Get Four and Nine Patches

 We talked about half-square triangles a lot in last week’s blog.  This week we’re taking a look at the other two units in a lot of blocks:  Four-patches and nine patches.  Unlike triangles, we don’t’ have to worry about bias with these.  Strips are usually cut WOF and not sub-cut into any other unit that […]

Perfect HSTs (or As Close to Perfect as You can Get)

There is no doubt that half-square triangles (HST), four-patches, and nine-patches are the basis for hundreds of quilt blocks.  Just a brief look through quilt patterns or Barabra Brackman’s Block Base proves just how many blocks use these elements.  However, constructing any of these three can be tricky.  Last week I urged everyone to learn […]

True Quilters….?

I belong to several quilt groups, and one of these bees meets every Tuesday night, nearly without fail.  This group is the continuation of the Tuesday night Sit and Sew which met at Dragonfly Quilt Shop when it was open.   I love this group of women.  They can be brutally honest when you need them […]