Archive | May, 2018

Stash Happens…

It’s raining here…again. I’m really trying not to complain, because I know when July and August hits this part of North Carolina, we’re going to be begging for it.  But right now, I feel like Jamestown is trying its best to become the Seattle of the South.  The ground is sodden.  If we get any […]

How My Mind Works…

I realize that with this blog title, we are venturing into dangerous and sometimes shallow waters…. All quilters, even those that tend to stick to the pattern and assigned colors, have a creative process.  I do too, although most of the times I take the pattern instructions as only a suggestion and not the gospel […]

My Quilting Kryptonite

It goes without saying, if you’re quilter, you have stash.  The size and type of this stash varies from quilter to quilter.  There are those quilters who purchase only the fabric needed for one project, make that quilt, and immediately throw out all but the largest pieces of the left-over fabric. There are those quilters […]

We Now Return to Our Regularly Scheduled Blog Post

  So, let’s get back to our raw-edge applique.  I have made the pieced background and decided on my applique pattern.  Now I trace my pattern pieces onto my fusing agent.  I prefer Steam-a-Seam light or SoftFuse for applique work on quilts.  Both of these fusing agents finish without being too stiff for a quilt […]

Beach Bound and Down

Just a really quick update.  Meagan is feeling much better, so we’re taking her and the grand kiddies and the rest of the family to the beautiful North Carolina Coast for a long weekend.  The regular blog will be back up next week.   Until Then….Quilt with Excellence!   Love and Stitches, Sherri and Sam