Archive | July, 2017

The Cash in Your Stash

  Take a look at your stash. Go ahead. I’ll wait…. What did you see?  Is there more of one color than another?   Are you missing basics?  Do you know if  you’re missing basics?   Most sewing enthusiasts, regardless of what they like to sew, have some fabric put back for projects, and believe me, […]

Pinterest will be My Downfall….

This is one of those weeks where I didn’t get a lot of work done on my own things, but did get a lot of work completed for my little quilting world.  I’ve been so terribly busy with organizing my guild’s quilt and vendor show that I’ve had little time to devote to my quilting […]

Put a Label On It, Too!

So, your quilt is finished…it’s quilted and it’s bound and maybe you’ve even put a sleeve on it.  It’s ready to give away, display, or put on a bed.  You’re done.  Kaput.  Completely finished and ready to start on a new project, right?   Is there a label on it? If there isn’t, then no… […]

If You Like It, Then You Need to Put a Sleeve on It….

I am in quilt show mode…   My guild’s bi-annual quilt and vendor show is August 12 – 13, 2017.  I’m not only busy with vendors and layouts and quilt in-take issues, but I’m also working like a mad woman with my own quilts.  They are finished, but if you’ve planned to put a quilt […]

Tip Toe Through the Tulips….

I am always excited when I find a new product that makes my sewing life a little easier.  And I discovered a new needle a few months ago that really has helped my hand sewing — Tulip Needles.  While this is not a new product in the needle market, it is a new product to […]