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Sashing and the Golden Ratio

Last week we began a discussion on sashing – the strips of fabric between the blocks and rows of a quilt.  This week we’re going to take it a bit further and talk about how wide to make the sashing, how sashing affects the overall look of a quilt, and how to pull off some […]

To Sash or Not To Sash…

We’re taking a look at sashing this week.  What exactly is sashing?  Sashing is strips of vertical and horizontal fabric that sets the blocks apart from each other.  These are strips of fabric usually on the right-hand of each block to form vertical rows and long horizontal rows at the bottom of each row of […]

The Window to the Mind

Why do you quilt? I think I’ve been asked that at least one hundred times in my life. I’ve never been sure exactly why people have this desire to know why I do anything, much less quilt.  My husband asks me that from time to time, but that’s only when he see yet another  box […]