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The State of the Quilt 2017

Dear Fellow Quilters: It’s that time again.   It’s almost the beginning of the New Year, so it’s time for me to give my yearly address concerning The State of The Quilt.  I do this every year.  It gives me time to think about what happened in the quilting world during the previous year and make […]

Of Green Guitars and Doc McStuffins

  It’s difficult to believe that next week this time, Christmas will be over and done. I don’t have to tell anyone (especially wives and mothers), how much work goes into making this 24-hour span of time a particularly magical, warm, and loving event.  And then boom!  It’s all over but breaking down the boxes […]

Now What?

It’s December 15th. Ten days until Christmas.  My shopping is done and I only have two presents left to wrap. Seventeen days until the New Year. Those of you who have either read my blog for a while or know me well are already clued into the fact that I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions.  […]


So, I’m through with my first finish on my Quilt Club’s mystery quilt (remember, there are three finishes in quilting:  finish the top, finish quilting, and finish binding).   To recap, remember that we were given six blocks to make.  We could make them either as 6-inch blocks or 12-inch blocks:   Then to those, I […]