So, I’m through with my first finish on my Quilt Club’s mystery quilt (remember, there are three finishes in quilting:  finish the top, finish quilting, and finish binding).   To recap, remember that we were given six blocks to make.  We could make them either as 6-inch blocks or 12-inch blocks:


Then to those, I chose ten additional blocks that were similar:


We could choose any way we wanted to set the blocks.  I decided to use mine as border blocks.

DSC01092 (1)


To this I added an applique center and some heavy-duty cornerstones.


And finally, three borders.


Now my top is done.  We’re supposed to reveal the final quilts at our January guild meeting.  However and unfortunately I don’t think I will be finished.  This quilt is obviously pretty large.  I didn’t have enough fabric for the backing, so I ordered additional Firenze orange and black from Connecting Threads.  I didn’t receive it until this week.  With the holidays and other activities (we have a wedding and a birthday party on top of Christmas and New Year’s), I’m not sure I will have time to get her completed.  As if December wasn’t enough by itself, Loretta needs some minor upgrades.  I’m switching out the Red Snappers for a zipper system (due to the fibromyalgia).  When I pulled the leaders off to disengage the Snappers, the Velcro that came with the Grace Frame came off.  I’ve purchased heavy duty Velcro to replace the old, but as with most women this time of year, free time is virtually non-existent and I haven’t had the free time I need to get everything up and running on my long arm.


I’m waiting on that sweet spot of time between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day to have a few hours to myself.

Love and Stitches,

Sherri and Sam

DSC01089 (1)

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I’m just glad Sam is supervising and keeping you straight. What in the world would you do without him?

BTW, I realize quilting has its’ own language.

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