Archive | February, 2021

Color is a Chameleon

This week I’d like to talk a little bit more about color.  A couple of blogs ago, we talked about the 3-in-1 Color Tool and color families.  This week I want to explore this little scenario…. You’re at the fabric/quilt store.  You’re desperately attempting to find a green blender fabric which will work with your […]

How to Survive a Block of the Month or Mystery Quilt….

This week I would like to discuss another topic I have a love/hate relationship with – Blocks-of-the-Month (hereafter referred to as BOMs).  I want to discuss the two different categories, how to decide if you would like to join one, what kind to join, and once you’ve committed to a BOM, how to survive it.  […]

So Much Fabric On Line

I have always been a staunch supporter of brick-and-mortar quilt stores.  Always have been, always will be.  They’re the real backbone of our quilting community, a haven for fellow quilters, an educational portal, and in many instances, have spawned guilds and bees which have lasted for years.  However…. During the time of COVID, we all […]

Sunbonnet Sue — The Quilt Block Born on a Dare

I love to write blogs about the history of quilt blocks!  There is so much more involved than just fabric and thread with many of them.  I had such wonderful response to my blog about background of log cabins that this week I would like to discuss the ancestry behind this block: Sunbonnet Sue. Admittedly, […]