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Concussions and Shopping

First of all, thank you so much for all the emails and pm’s concerning our automobile wreck.  Let me give you a little update.   The first, and for a hot second, concern was my left knee, because it did hit the glovebox kind of hard.  But other than a few aches and pains (all […]

Fifty Shades of Red…or Oh What a Week It’s Been…

I know, I know…there was no blog last week.  Typically, I always announce prior to any blog absence that I’m either away at a class or seminar or I’m on vacation.  That wasn’t the deal last week.  I simply ran out of week before I could get one written. The last two weeks have been […]

Butterfly Wings and The Color Purple

There is a theory is the field of science called The Butterfly Effect.  It has its roots in the chaos theory.  Partly used to establish weather patterns, this effect has also been used to explain other aspects of existence and environment.  Edward Lorenz came up with this idea and explained it in 1961 as a strange […]