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Area 51 In Progress

I’ve written a quilting blog for several years now.  I like my blogs to have good information and instructions, so they are primarily educational (it doesn’t seem I will ever not be some kind of teacher).  I like them to be inspirational, too.  And most of all I like quilters of all level to feel […]

Put a Label on that Quilt!

Dating quilts can be a tricky business.  Quilt historians use what is called comparative dating when they’re trying to figure out how old a quilt could be.  That means they compare the fabric in the quilt with other similar fabrics in order to get an approximate date.  For instance, Bubble Gum Pink was a popular […]

Quilt Ribbons and Rants

I promised this year my blogs are more personal.  While they all will relate to quilts and quilting and quilters, I want to discuss topics that I feel passionate about, too.  This is one of those blogs. There is so much I love about quilting.  I love the textiles.  I love the process.  I love […]

Quilt that Bucket List

I’m a list maker.  I’m the kid you hated in school because my homework list was entirely too detailed (however, I was also the kid you called when you couldn’t remember what the homework was). I have a running grocery list on my kitchen counter, with the stuff I normally purchase every week already printed […]

The Quilts that Haunt Us

I know we all have them.  I have them.  You have them.  Your friends at Guild or in your Bee – they have them, too.  You know what I’m talking about.  The Quilts that Haunt Us. I’m not talking about the quilts that we think about – the ones we want to make but haven’t […]

The Right and Wrong (Side) of Batting

I was looking through my 2018 blogs last week and had a sudden epiphany:  I never talked about batting.  With all the techniques I covered, I never specifically talked about batting and why choosing the right kind and using it the correct way makes all the difference in the world with your quilting.  Let’s rectify […]

The Grumpy Quilter — or Copyright Policies (With Apologies to Steve Bender)

I receive Southern Living Magazine.  My wonderful mother (who truly is the wisest woman in all the world) gives me two magazines subscriptions each year at Christmas.  One is Reader’s Digest.  The other is Southern Living. I like Southern Living  for many reasons.  First is the fashion ads – primarily the jewelry (drooling over expensive […]

Area 51…or Managing Your UFOs

There’s an area out in the Western United States that’s known for its…other-worldly happenings.  Little green men (or little gray men, if you’re an avid X-Files fan) supposedly have landed in Area 51.  You approach this desert area and Keep Out signs abound – primarily because it used to belong to the US Armed Forces.  […]

My Year in Quilts

It has been a long time since I’ve written a blog with lots of pictures of projects I’ve been working on.  I quilted a lot last year.  It was my therapy when everything seemed to be going south in my life.  Even a stitch or two, here and there, gave me a few minutes of […]

The Dumbing Down of Quilting

I am talking this week about a topic I feel verypassionate about.  So… If you are a sensitive person, this blog is probably notfor you. If you think consistent seam allowances are merely asuggestion, this blog is not for you. If you think turning out quilts en mass is the best thing since sliced bread, […]