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It’s Hip to be Square….

Okay, we’re going to get down and dirty with this post.  When do you square up your quilt?  Before you quilt it or hand it off to the quilt artist?  Before you put on your borders?  At the very end – just before you attach the binding? Before Loretta the Long Arm came into my […]

Just Do It

Not all my blogs are about quilts, quilters, and quilting.  This is one of those blogs.  And if you’re squeamish about the technical terms of anatomy, you may want to skip this week and wait until next Thursday’s blog. There are no pretty pictures of anything in this blog. Except Sam. There is however, a […]

The “A” Word

  Once upon a time I was a high school teacher.  I taught science.  I love teaching, and I loved the kids.  What I didn’t necessarily enjoy was the parent/teacher conferences.  If the teen was performing wonderfully well, those things were a breeze.  However, if the kid was having some issues with the subject (and […]

Negative Space Can Be A Positive Thing

I like negative space in a quilt.   Overall, there is a lot of negativity in this old world – negative news, negative people, negative thoughts, negative bank accounts – and I am not a fan of any of those.  However negative space in a quilt is something I can get behind.  Let me explain […]

Another Shake Up in the Quilting Universe

Well, the quilting/fiber arts world has been shook up again this week.  Coats is shutting down its production of FreeSpirit Fabrics effective immediately.  Coats deals primarily with active wear and foot wear.  It purchased Free Spirit/Westminster Fabrics a few years ago.  According to  Stephanie Leichtweis, who became president of North American Crafts at Coats in October, […]

Even the Best Laid Plans…

I’m not sure what happened but I checked my calendar today and somehow it’s now Wednesday. I’ve been writing a blog for several years now and I do have a plan of action for each week’s post.  I normally keep a list of topics I want to explore in the notes app of my iPhone.  […]

Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes, and Charms

I seem to attract Jelly Rolls… Not the confection – the roll of cake with the sweet filling – but the fabric jelly rolls.  If you’re not familiar with that quilty vocabulary, let me explain.  A few years ago, fabric manufacturers decided to make pre-cuts of some of their most popular lines.  These are called […]

The Myth of The Quilting Holy Grail

We’ve all heard it a million times – keep a consistent quarter-inch seam when piecing quilt blocks.  That was the first quilting “rule” drilled into me as I started quilting nearly 30 years ago.  And at that time, it was really important for me to remember because I also sewed my children’s clothes, and those […]

I Am No Laura Ingalls Wilder…

So, let me tell you about my week… The fun started last weekend, when I started feeling the symptoms of the stomach flu that has been going around in this area.  Feeling puny, I decided to forgo the fun of the upcoming Sanford Quilt Show and stay home.  No sense in sharing all this “fun” […]

Meet the Tooleys…a Dynamic Mother/Daughter Quilting Duo

As I walk through my quilt journey, I have always been inspired by other quilters and their quilts.  This year, it’s my goal to introduce you to some of the quilters that inspire me, challenge me, and love me despite all my flaws.  Two of these quilters are Karen and Sarah Tooley.  I met Karen […]