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In Praise of Pool Noodles

It’s the end of July.  Sadly, summer is winding down.  There are Back-to-School sales everywhere.  All too soon (too soon for me, because I am a rare specimen – a Southern woman, who despite the vicious North Carolina humidity, loves her some hot weather), all the summer supplies will be on sale.  Yup.  All the […]

Dealing with FOMU

Today’s topic is FOMU – what it is, how it works, and (hopefully) I’ll give you a few steps to get over any FOMU in your quilting world. In case you didn’t know, FOMU is an acronym for Fear of Messing Up.  All of us experience FOMU in some area and at some point in […]

A Rose by Any Other Name

What’s in a name? That which we call a roseBy any other name would smell as sweet; –William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet Roses are one of the most – if not the most – familiar flowers in the world.  They’ve been plied in poetry, sung about in songs, listed in literature, and (depending on the […]

How To Choose the Right Cutting Mat for You

This blog is the last one in the cutting trinity.  We’ve talked about scissors and rotary cutters.  Today we’re looking at the final leg of the cutting tripod – the cutting mat.  Whether you use scissors or a rotary cutter to slice and dice your fabric, chances are you will use a mat with either […]

The Cutting Edge…Part Two

Last week we talked about all things scissors…fabric scissors, paper scissors, embroidery scissors, how to take care of your scissors…we covered the field from how much to spend to how to store them.  This week we’re turning our attention to the other cutting instrument in your quilt studio – the rotary cutter.  This cutter is […]

The Cutting Edge

You can’t make a quilt if you don’t cut some fabric. That’s the simple truth.  Once fabric and pattern are in hand, the next step is cutting.  And I’ll admit (and as many of you already know) this part is the one I like least in the entire quilting process.  However, unless you buy a […]

Grandmother’s Flower Garden

I want to talk about the third quilt in the 1920-1930 popular pattern trinity.  We’ve talked about the first two – Sunbonnet Sue and the Double Wedding Ring Quilt.  I mentioned Grandmother’s Flower Garden (hereafter known as GFG) was just as well-known as the other two.   During the 1930’s all three quilts were so popular […]

My Favorite Hand Applique Notions

If I were forced to choose one quilting technique over all the other, I’d pick applique. I love hand applique.  There’s just something rhythmic and soothing about pulling the needle and thread through fabric.  It’s painting pictures with textiles.  My first quilting instructor taught her beginning quilters how to applique, so unlike many first-time quilters, […]

Post-COVID Quilting

One year from now, Five years from now… One generation from now… How will you tell your story? For the most part, it’s over.  The CDC has changed the mask rules.   According to some statistics, approximately 64 percent of Americans have received one of the vaccines, and there’s plenty of vaccines left for everyone who […]

Thread — The Stuff Which Holds It All Together

Whether you hand piece or machine piece, whether you prefer machine applique or hand applique, or whether you hand quilt or machine quilt, you must have thread.  Thread is the common denominator which ties all of quilting together. And after thirty-something years of quilting, I admit I’m a self-professed thread snob.  When I started sewing, […]