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Getting Myself Organized

One of the most frequent questions I get asked concerns how I organize myself for projects.  There are several answers to this question.  A lot of it depends on the project.  Some of it depends on where I’m making it (a quilt retreat, a friend’s house, my mom’s home, or my studio).  A tad bit […]

Log Cabins

When Log Cabin quilts are mentioned to anyone – quilter or non-quilter – most folks can conjure this image: Log Cabin blocks and quilts are easily one of the most recognizable quilting images.  Their appearance – strips of fabric sewn around a center square – is one of the most iconic quilting visuals.  Some quilt […]

Partial Seams — Way Easier than They Look

Several weeks ago – way back when we were constructing the LeMoyne Star block – we dealt briefly with a technique called partial seams.  I kind of glossed over it, because I was much more interested in everyone getting good and comfortable with Y-seams.  The traditional LeMoyne Star requires both kinds of seams, as do […]

(Almost) Everything You Need to Know About a Walking Foot

Sewing machines … even the most basic ones … come with a lot of stuff you may not know what to do with.  I faced this situation today.  My daughter and son-in-law decided to homeschool the grand darlings this year.  Before I get a ton of questions and comments about homeschooling (all the good, the […]

Show and Tell…

Okay, this week is really wellness check week.  How is everyone doing out there?  As I’m writing this blog it’s actually August 13, 2020.  In North Carolina, we’re still wearing masks, social distancing, and washing hands.  Our schools and most of our university systems will open their academic year with remote learning.  There is no […]

One Quilt…So Many Different Sizes of Blocks

Way back in January, I announced this year’s blog theme was “Level Up Your Quilting.”  We’re well past the half-way mark for 2020 and I wanted to refresh your memory about not only what the theme is but also what it means. For 2020, I wanted to take what you knew and what we had […]

Your Machine Needs a Spa Day

With everyone in “hunker down” mode due to COVID, a lot more sewing has been happening. That means more time spent on your sewing machine. Which means that thing has probably been humming away for hours/days/weeks at a time.  The quilters I’ve talked to have either been whittling away at their UFOs or making masks […]

The Last Word

I know it feels like I’ve beat the topic of drafting quilt blocks to death, but trust me, I do have a purpose in mind.  Bear with me as we give this topic one more week and then I promise we will move on.  It’s simply important to me that I give you every tool […]

Simplifying Difficult Quilt Blocks

See this block? This is a block from the Dear Jane Quilt (if you don’t know what that is go here  Admittedly Dear Jane is not a beginner quilt.  While there are some pretty simple blocks in the quilt (thank goodness), most of the blocks are challenging.  And then there are few like the […]

Drafting Complicated Blocks

Today I’d like to address a top which isn’t discussed among quilters much any longer.  It’s kind of like the blog on graphing I did a few weeks ago  —  it’s one not heard much today, but once you know how to do it, it can really free up your creativity on so many levels.  […]