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The State of the Quilt

Today is December 29, 2016.  In two days, we will ring in a New Year.  It’s a time to turn over a new leaf, set some goals, make some plans.  It’s also a time to think about the past year and decide what, if anything, you would do differently.  It likewise is a time to […]

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone~   Despite the fact that my shopping and wrapping has been over with for  weeks, I am still in the middle of a thousand Christmas-y things, tonight’s being my Guild’s Christmas Party, an event where much fun, food, and merriment will be had.   So, to lighten your holiday spirit, instead of […]

The Last Stand and the Unfiltered Truth

  I promise you this is the last (for the time being, anyway) word I will have about local quilt shops, nationally renowned teachers, and on-line stores.  I promise. The internet is a wonderful tool for any artist or crafty-minded person.  Countless numbers of YouTube videos are out there on almost any subject any quilter […]

Testing 1, 2, 3…

Once upon a time, not too long ago, I was a teacher.  I taught physics and chemistry.  Part of teaching is that you have to give tests.  Tests were never my favorite thing to plan for, much less grade if I had $5.00 for every weekend I lost grading tests, I could take one of […]

Channeling Kathleen Kelly

Subject: change Date: 2/10/98 10:30:13 PM Eastern Standard Time From: Shopgirl To: NY152 People are always telling me that change is a good thing. But all they’re really saying is that something you didn’t want to happen at all has happened. My store is closing this week. I own a store. Did I ever tell […]