Archive | November, 2020

How to Handle Your Curves

Today I want to talk about how to handle your curves. And no, I’m not talking about these curves. I’m talking about these curves. That’s right.  Quilt blocks with curved units.  Several quilt block units claim curvy fame – Clam Shells, Orange Peels, and Drunkard’s Path to name a few.  And if you toss in […]


A few blogs back when I wrote about hand sewing needles, I promised in the future I’d write one about thimbles.  I must confess I’ve had a love/hate relationship with thimbles for a long time, and it wasn’t until the last few years I made peace with using  one.  Now I generally reach for  it […]

If You Need a New Sewing Machine….

About this time last year, I wrote a blog about quilting gadgets and notions you may want to either gift another quilter or buy for yourself.  Since 2020 has brought about unprecedented “stay-at-home-ness,” I realize two things:  Those of you who have picked at the fringes of quilting want to dive in, and those of […]

What Kind of Quilter Are You?

We’ve dealt a lot with piecing and quilting techniques this year.  And in these blogs, I frequently mention quilt patterns and how you can change them up to suit your favorite quilting methods and sizes.  However, there is one factor I haven’t written about which needs to be taken into consideration when choosing a pattern:  […]