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The Final Step…

Okay, quick recap…since this is continued from last week.  The foundation fabric was made, a grid was drawn, and the cross hatch quilting was done.  Now what?  The next step is to measure the quilted square.  Remember that in the previous blog, the finished square needed to be 13 ¼-inches.  We cut the original background […]

Quilt It First?

I love to applique.  It was one of the first quilting techniques that I learned after I was introduced (and had somewhat mastered) piecing.  I really like taking bits of fabric and creating pictures.  I find myself pulling from both the right and left side of my brain with this process and enjoying then mental […]

It’s Hip to be Square….

Okay, we’re going to get down and dirty with this post.  When do you square up your quilt?  Before you quilt it or hand it off to the quilt artist?  Before you put on your borders?  At the very end – just before you attach the binding? Before Loretta the Long Arm came into my […]

Just Do It

Not all my blogs are about quilts, quilters, and quilting.  This is one of those blogs.  And if you’re squeamish about the technical terms of anatomy, you may want to skip this week and wait until next Thursday’s blog. There are no pretty pictures of anything in this blog. Except Sam. There is however, a […]

The “A” Word

  Once upon a time I was a high school teacher.  I taught science.  I love teaching, and I loved the kids.  What I didn’t necessarily enjoy was the parent/teacher conferences.  If the teen was performing wonderfully well, those things were a breeze.  However, if the kid was having some issues with the subject (and […]