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No Quilt Police Will Be Called…

I belong to this Quilt Club that is a part of my guild. No, it’s not like Fight Club.  Not really.  It began as a History Club and we discussed different historical eras and their quilts and different groups and their quilts until I think finally we were all discussed out.  So, we changed the […]

Fearless Scrappy

As you know, this is the Year of Quilting Fearlessly…   Part of the reason I wanted this challenge for myself is that I have found myself quilting in my comfort zone for quite some time and was no longer happy with the results.  I found my quilts becoming too predictable and too much of […]

Don’t Go Against the Grain

Once upon a time, a long time ago, I used to teach heirloom sewing.  Heirloom sewing is a type of garment construction primarily aimed at children – or rather the parents and grandmothers of children – and primarily female children.  The clothing drips in shaped lace, entredeux, yards and yards of batiste, and hand embroidery.  […]

Irma is No Joke…

  Okay, so this blog was supposed to be about the importance of the straight of grain, warp, and weft, and how to straighten your fabric when it comes off the bolt looking like it’s one martini short of a three martini lunch. However, Irma has interrupted my plan. When I write what I consider […]

To Prewash or Not to Prewash…that’s the question.

I would like to discuss a topic today that can be a hotbed of controversy among quilters.   It’s a topic that’s only been approached by the bravest of quilt bloggers and it’s one that I’ve seen guild’s nearly split apart over. And that topic is pre-washing your fabric.  Should you, or shouldn’t you?  Being the […]