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The 2020 State of the Quilt

I am writing this blog on December 2, 2020.  It will be published December 30  — near to New Year’s but not quite 2021 yet.  But close enough for me to give my quilty yearly predictions and announce our theme for the next year. Overall, this is how I feel about the year 2020. Yep.  […]

Merry Chris-demic

It.  Has.  Been. A. Year. If someone, anyone would have told me during Christmas 2019, that  I would be spending most of 2020 wearing a mask, washing my hands, and standing 6-feet away from people… well, I wouldn’t have believed them.  If you remember last Christmas, we were excitedly planning to surprise the grand darlings […]

My Space…the Sequel

We’re still discussing quilt studios today. I promised storage ideas, lighting and electrical solutions, and the ultimate quilt studio sanity saver. Let’s just dive right in by dealing with rulers. Ruler storage requires an entirely different mind-set.  Quilters use small rulers such as this: And larger ones like this: And falling between the two are […]

My Space

We all have two sewing spaces in our head.  The first is our dream quilt studio – spacious, well-lit, organized, full of wonderful fabric, and state of the art machines.  Lots of storage.  Lots of electrical outlets.  A huge design wall.  My dream studio looks kind of like this: Unfortunately, in my real-life, it doesn’t […]

A Love/Hate Relationship at its Best (and Worst)

I want to talk about relationship issues today. Before we start, you need to know something about me.  I’m pretty much a black-and-white person.  And by that, I mean I either like something or I don’t.  I don’t do “maybe” very well.  I like yes or no answers.  Numbers are my friends (because the raw […]