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More On-Point Options

Okay, let’s review…   At this point in the year, you’ve learned a lot about piecing and applique.  You’ve learned probably more than you ever wanted to about borders. And last week, I threw everything up in the air when I introduced the concept of setting your quilt on point. You should be really excited […]

On Point Options

We’ve dealt with borders for the past few blogs, and most of the quilts that we looked at while discussing all our border options were horizontal-set quilts – that is the quilts were made of blocks, all lined up in rows both horizontally and vertically.  However, now I want you to think about changing the […]

Non-border Borders….

We have talked a great deal about borders – how to properly construct them and some design options.  At this point, you may be asking yourself, “Why is this crazy lady so obsessed with borders?” Blame Susan. One of my partners-in-crime has a history with other quilt guilds – she’s belonged to different ones in […]

Applique and Mitered Borders…

If you’ve known me for any length of time, took a long look at my quilts, or have read this blog for several years you know one thing about me:  I’m the Queen of Applique. Shortly after I learned to piece relatively well, my quilt teacher and mentor, Ellen, pulled me aside and said, “You […]