Archive | April, 2018

Success in the Set Up

One of the concepts I wanted to discuss during this Year of Quilting with Excellence was the set up of any project.  For a lot of quilters – myself included – it’s easy to get excited about a new project.  Either you’ve shopped your stash and found a great new quilt there (and you didn’t […]

What a Week….

Soooo much has happened since last Thursday.  Let me recap… Last Thursday morning Meg had a follow up appointment with her Primary Care Physician for a checkup that started us on this cancer journey.  It was the PCP that discovered the tumor on her cervix and literally got the ball rolling quickly to get her […]

Unfocused Fabric and Answered Prayer

When we began 2018 as the year of Quilting with Excellence I mentioned that part of becoming a really good quilter is focusing on the basics.  As any artist or athlete will tell you, if you can get the basics down pat, that’s more than half-way to the goal of becoming great.  Everything else –all […]

Pins and Needles

The last couple of blogs have been pretty detail-heavy with the Quilt-It-Before-You-Applique-It technique.  So, this blog is going to be a little less labor intensive for me and a little more of the lighter-reading variety for you. We’re month four into 2018’s theme of Quilting with Excellence.  We’ve covered some techniques, some quilters, and have […]