What a Week….

Soooo much has happened since last Thursday.  Let me recap…

Last Thursday morning Meg had a follow up appointment with her Primary Care Physician for a checkup that started us on this cancer journey.  It was the PCP that discovered the tumor on her cervix and literally got the ball rolling quickly to get her seen at the oncology department at Wake Forest Baptist Hospital.  When Meg was asked how she was feeling at this follow up visit, she mentioned a catch in her side that was bothering her.

That wasn’t supposed to be there.  Long story short, despite the fact that Meg was on some heavy-duty blood thinners, she had developed clots.  The PCP notified the oncology department, who agreed with the even stronger blood thinner prescription, and she was sent home.  All of this took place Thursday morning/afternoon.

My local guild meeting was that evening, and since she was doing fine, I went.  I kind of had to…I was presenting needle turn applique.  I got home about 9:30 to my son-in-law on the phone stating he was taking Meg back to the emergency room because she was in severe pain in her abdomen, legs, and chest.

Long story short on this front, she had developed a large internal abscess.  Since she was a cancer patient, had just had major surgery, and had blood clots, she had to stay at Baptist through the weekend.  They monitored the clots and then took her off the blood thinners on Sunday, so they could put the drain in on Monday.

Needless to say, this week has been a whirlwind on steroids.  So, there is no lengthy “how-to” with this blog.  Instead I have lots of pretty pictures of things I’ve been working on.

First of all, I made these



And to give you some perspective, here’s a dime next to the circles….


These tiny circles will go around my compass ring for Love Entwined (pattern by Esther Aliu).  This is the ring…


And when I get all those teeny-tiny circles stitched down, I will applique it around this compass.


I also am still working on The Halo Medallion.  I have the side flying geese borders made


And am working on the top and bottom borders.  This is wonderful, mindless piecing, which is what I have needed during the last few weeks.

I have also nearly finished Easter Blessing by Ester Aliu.


And yes, if you’re asking, that tiny eye is three separate pieces of applique.


Matthew announced May’s challenge for the monthly mini-quilts.  We have to incorporate a technique we’ve never used before.  And since I’ve never made a modern quilt, mine will lean toward that.  After nearly 32 years of quilting, I still haven’t tried everything that’s out there.  That one of the great things about quilting … there’s always something to learn.  I’m designing it now and am having fun!

Please keep my daughter in your prayers.  Hopefully, we are on the downhill slide of this part of this adventure now.

My Girls


Until next week, Quilt with Excellence!


Love and Stitches,

Sherri, Sam, and Lou

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