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This is the Batt, the Whole Batt, and Nothing but the Batt….

Once upon a time, when my quilt top was finished, the next item on my list was the backing.  I’d either piece it or pull a whole quilt back from my stash.  Since this was BLM (Before Long Arm Machine) you know what I didn’t think about at this point? The batting. In many ways, […]

How to Tame that Ugly Fabric

Most all of us have them… I certainly do.  I bet if I were to check out your sewing space, you have them, too. You know what I’m talking about….ugly fabrics. I know, I know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but honestly, some fabric seems to be beyond help.  You know…the kind […]

Paper Piecing with Freezer Paper

As promised, this week we’re looking at paper piecing with freezer paper.  I love paper piecing, especially for complicated blocks.  You just can’t beat its accuracy.  While it is a trade-off between fabric and precision (it takes more fabric, but it’s way more accurate), it does make short work of difficult blocks with lots of […]

Putting the Focus Quilters

It’s not all about the quilts. It’s about the quilters – the fellowship.  It’s about sharing the good times and the bad. It’s about multiplying the joys and halving the grief. It’s about taking the scraps life hands you and sticking your finger in fate’s eye when you make something beautiful out of it. That’s […]

Happy 2020!

Here we are at 2020.  I don’t know about you, but 2019  flew by so quickly, it’s hard to believe we’re in a New Year.  New Year. New Goals. New Theme. But before we get into all of that, let me give you my State of the Quilt thoughts and go into the predictions I […]