Archive | September, 2016

Keeping Focused

Christmas is always an exciting time at Casa de Fields.  For us to have only two children, two in-love children, and two granddarlings, it’s surprisingly difficult to herd everyone together in one place at one time for a meal and some togetherness.  However, Christmas is the one time of year that Mom puts her foot […]

Nitpicking Neutrals

As promised, I want to talk about colors a little more this week.  When I first started quilting, this was the part that terrified me about the whole process.  Despite having a fairly heavy art background, this… the choosing the fabrics and committing to them…this was the part that scared the bejesus out of me.  […]

It’s Not Easy Being Green

Summer is still hanging on to this part of North Carolina for all its worth.  The calendar may very well say September 10, but outside it still feels as if it’s July.  Air conditioners are still chugging away for all they’re worth and my standard dress code is capris, t-shirt, and sandals.  For most of […]

Good-bye August…

I’m always a little nostalgic this time of year.  I see the yellow school buses and kids on the street corner waiting to board.  All of the school supplies are out at the stores.  The parents are purchasing them by the buggy load, with a gleam in their eye.  They know that soon the long […]