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Area 51…or Managing Your UFOs

There’s an area out in the Western United States that’s known for its…other-worldly happenings.  Little green men (or little gray men, if you’re an avid X-Files fan) supposedly have landed in Area 51.  You approach this desert area and Keep Out signs abound – primarily because it used to belong to the US Armed Forces.  […]

My Year in Quilts

It has been a long time since I’ve written a blog with lots of pictures of projects I’ve been working on.  I quilted a lot last year.  It was my therapy when everything seemed to be going south in my life.  Even a stitch or two, here and there, gave me a few minutes of […]

The Dumbing Down of Quilting

I am talking this week about a topic I feel verypassionate about.  So… If you are a sensitive person, this blog is probably notfor you. If you think consistent seam allowances are merely asuggestion, this blog is not for you. If you think turning out quilts en mass is the best thing since sliced bread, […]

Quilt with Passion

I like having a theme for each year of quilting.  In 2017, we were Quilting Fearlessly, and in 2018 we were Quilting with Excellence.  Each of those themes were a deliberate choice on my part.  In 2017, I wanted everyone to realize that they had the power to change things up in their quilting – […]

Good-bye and Good Riddance 2018

It’s now 2019. Normally, it’s at this point I give my annual “State of the Quilt” address and discuss my predictions from last year – how many came true and which ones didn’t – as well as make my predictions for the New Year.  And I’m going to do that…but then I want to talk […]