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Binding — the Final Frontier

One of the last details  sewn onto a quilt is the binding.  Loosely defined, “binding a quilt” is any method the quilter uses to encase all three edges of the quilt top, batting, and backing.  In most circumstances, this refers to the narrow strips of fabric that are used as binding, but there are other […]

More about Bias Tape than You’ve Ever Wanted to Know….

Still talking about bias tape this week.  However, I promise this is my last words on the subject. Another bias tape tool that I really like is bias bars.  These come in varying sizes. Some are made of metal and some are made of heat resistant plastic. The bars usually come in sizes 1/8 inches, […]

Bias Tape…Part One

At some point in your quilting experience, you may have to deal with bias tape — especially if you like to applique.  Stems and vines are generally constructed out of some type of bias tape.  For those that like to make Baltimore Album quilts, I’ve seen tiny, tiny bias tape used as rigging on boats.  […]

More than Just Dollars and Cents

This week we’re continuing our discussion on fabric, and now I would like to discuss fabric value with you.  There are a couple of ways fabric value can be defined. The first definition, and honestly this was probably the one that immediately popped into you head, is money – the value of your fabric. This […]