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Gridding Quilt Blocks

In several of my past blogs, I’ve thrown out the phrase “grid out the block,” or something similar.  I honestly had not thought anything else about the term, and assumed (wrongly, as I soon learned), that most every quilter out there in my blogging universe knew what I was talking about. Well, not everyone did.  […]

Let’s Get Small (with Apologies to Steve Martin)

Those of us of a certain age remember an awesome comedian, Steve Martin. Nowadays he’s known more for his music – primarily bluegrass, emphasizing the banjo.  But years ago – you may remember —  when Saturday Night Live was really new and really funny – he was a comedian.  And he had a catch phrase […]

Square-in-a-Square Blocks

Let’s talk about the Square-in-a-Square block. This is what one looks like: If you’ve read my past blogs, you may remember we’ve talked about this block before.  You may also remember it has another name – for years it was called the Economy Block.  I’m not sure what quilters decided they were economizing with this […]

Quilters and Their Quilts

There are lots of jokes out there about quilters.  Most of these we come up with ourselves: It started out as one trip to the fabric shop, and look what it turned into… It’s all fun and games until the bobbin runs out. Think of it as a house party with power tools. You haven’t […]

60-Degrees of Separation

What does this: And this: And these: Have to do with this? Hang with me on this blog and I’ll explain.  When we think about quilt blocks, generally we think about squares.  When we talk about units within those blocks, we also tend to think about squares, but add in half-square triangles, rectangles, and triangles […]