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Go Towards the Light

So…. Earlier this month I ran a blog about items you may want to put on your Christmas list for that significant other to have for you under the tree.  One of those items was this: The Cuttipillar Light Box.  I will readily admit this is my very favorite light box to date.  Yes, it’s […]

Making it Mine

The World Needs Strong Women. Women who will Lift and Build Others Who Will Love and Be Loved Women Who Live Bravely, Both Tender and Fierce. Women of Indomitable Will  —Amy Tenney I think there comes a time in every quilter’s life where methods and circumstances converge at a point  where a quilt is more […]

The Quilt I Can’t Finish

Last week I mentioned that I was writing my blog from Emerald Isle, North Carolina and that I was on our annual family beach trip.  I’m home now, but see this? This happened. I had an emergency room visit.  For me, this time.  Usually it’s Bill that frequents the ER with vertigo and kidney stones.  […]

Dear Santa…..

As I’m writing this blog, I’m at beautiful Emerald Isle, NC, on our last family summer vacation of the year.  It’s 79 degrees already at 9:30 a.m. – a fact that makes this column a little difficult to write because I want to talk Christmas.  Not Christmas quilts or Christmas fabrics but items you may […]