Archive | June, 2020

Finishing Up Those Eight-Point Star Blocks (or Y-seams, the Sequel)

As promised, this week we will finish the Lemoyne Star block.  Right now, I’m putting this out here:  This is the way I finish my blocks.  As with most processes in quilting, there’s more than one way to do all the steps.  This way works for me, but it may not work for you.  And […]

Y-Seams … Shudders or Shrugs?

Mention Y-seams to quilters and generally you get one of two responses – a shrug or a shudder.  The shrug would indicate either a) the quilter has a solid knowledge of how to construct a successful Y-seam or b) has decided that he/she will never do a Y-seam when perfectly good half-square triangles can give […]

Destination — the Borders

Let’s talk borders. Borders are (usually) the last pieces added to a quilt top.  Loosely defined, they are strip(s) of fabric used to frame the quilt top.  I also want to set the parameters of this blog.  Since this year’s theme is “Level Up Your Quilting,” I am assuming all of the basics do not […]