Archive | November, 2016

The Woman Who Made Quilting Cool

Ever have one of those weeks where it’s almost the end of the week and you have no idea how it got there so fast? I’ve had one of those weeks.  My life is hectic right now.  It’s almost the holidays, my “real” business is crazy busy (not that I’m complaining at all…this is a […]

Old Dogs and New Tricks

So… I have Loretta up and going…. After thinking about Betsey or Elizabeth as names for my new long arm, somehow neither seemed to fit.  I spent the better part of one day shifting the room around her  (again) for easier use and then spend the rest of the weekend timidly trying her out.  My […]

Color My World

It’s now autumn and the landscape is awash with every hue of red imaginable.  This time of year automatically makes me think of pumpkins and Christmas trees and warm fires.  It gives me a cozy kind of feeling that makes me want to snuggle beneath a quilt, have a quiet cup of tea, and read […]