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Machine Quilting 101

Okay, confession time.  It’s been a year since COVID slowed us all down.  How many quilt tops did you make?  Next question:  How many quilt tops have you quilted?  If the second number is significantly smaller than the first number, this blog series is for you.  For the next several weeks I want to focus […]

Hand Sewing Nirvana

I’d like to discuss a topic this week which most quilters have strong opinions about – hand sewing. Now, I’m not talking about hand quilting.  That’s another topic altogether which I feel woefully inadequate to discuss.  Yes, I hand quilt on occasion.  I enjoy it.  But I am by no means proficient in the art.  […]

Gotta Love Medallion Quilts

This week I want us to take a look at an old quilt type called the Medallion Quilt.  For this blog (or next couple of blogs) will explore the history behind this quilt and why it’s still just as essential in today’s quilt world as it was in the 18th century.  We’ll also discuss how […]

Fabric Crumbs

I’ve written a blog since around 2007, first on Blogspot and now on WordPress.  I am lucky enough to have some really faithful readers, whom I love and appreciate more than I can say.  One of the wonderful “side effects” of my blog is I get asked questions.  Sometimes these questions can lead into an […]


It’s still pretty early in 2021.  If my publishing schedule goes as planned, this blog will go live sometime in March.  So we’re not quite halfway into the first quarter….which still gives you plenty of time to fall prey to…a block of the month trap quilt.  When I started earnestly quilting around 1995, my favorite […]