Irma is No Joke…



Okay, so this blog was supposed to be about the importance of the straight of grain, warp, and weft, and how to straighten your fabric when it comes off the bolt looking like it’s one martini short of a three martini lunch.

However, Irma has interrupted my plan.

When I write what I consider to be instructional blogs, I make sure I have ample time to research them and even more ample time to write them.  Sometimes it’s harder to make people understand a “word picture” than an actual picture.  I often find myself deleting entire blogs paragraphs because I don’t think they’re very understandable.  I knew that would be the scenario this week – lots of writing and editing.

Then came Irma.

I don’t live in Florida, but am concerned because I have friends there and it looks like the entire state is going to take a hit.  I just read a headline that said Disney World is considering closing, so this hurricane is serious, folks.  I do live in North Carolina and we are supposed to begin feeling Irma’s wrath somewhere between Sunday and Monday – at least that’s what the weather forecasters are saying now.

But Irma’s flexible.  She could change her mind and come earlier.

And since I’m the one in our household that thinks about such things, I morphed into “Hurricane Preparation Mode” this afternoon. Now you have to understand this situation in North Carolina.  Our entire state will shut down if there’s less than an inch of snow.  Lots of other folks make fun of us because of this.  But the fact is we know we don’t know how to drive in the stuff because we get so little of it.  So, if the Weather Channel breathes a whisper that we may get snow or ice, there’s a mad dash to the local Teeter my grocery store of choice because of the wine selection for bread, milk, coffee, and alcohol, and then we hunker down because we know sooner or later, the power is going to go, too.  Unlike some of our Northern neighbors, we have not learned to run our utilities underground.  If we get ice, we just assume that our power is going to be down for at least 24-hours.

We understand snow and ice.  Hurricanes, not so much.

You would think living in the state that has been such a big part of historically huge hurricanes that we’d react a little quicker.  Nope.  I believe that the fact that we’ve survived so many of these makes us a bit jaded about the inconvenient possibilities this girl could punch.  When I checked out my groceries at the Teeter at Adam’s Farm this afternoon, the lady commented that I bought more than usual.

And I did…two cases of water, two bottles of 19 Crimes, charcoal, fresh fruit, extra cate food, cat treats, and two disposable litter pans, etc.

“I’m prepping for Irma,” I replied as I fished out my debit card and swiped it through the meter-thingie.

She looked at me for a long minute, like she thought I had grown three heads.  “You’re the first one…”

Never let it be said that I’ve ever been fashionably late for anything.  Even a hurricane.

Irma is serious folks.  If your state has ordered an evacuation, evacuate.  If not, and there’s local flooding, stay off the roads.  Hunker down.  Let Irma pass.  If you keep your power, piece some of those UFOs that have been languishing for months because you never have the time to get to them.  If the power goes out, pull up a chair to the window and hand applique or hand piece for a while.

I’m at the age where I don’t like inconvenience and appreciate the little things in life.  So, I have chocolate.  And coffee.  And water. And good wine.  And extra cat food because Sam has got to be happy, too.  I filled up my car with gas.  I have hexies cut out to hand piece in case the power does go out. I’m about ready as I can be.


Irma can come…I just hope she doesn’t stay long.


Please be careful folks.  Keep yourself, your family, and your pets safe.  We’ll deal with warp and weft later.


Love and Stitches,

Sherri and Sam

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