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A Lifeline

When this blog is published, it will be sometime around the first week of June.  But if you remember my writing habits, you realize I’m writing this in May – as I like to work several weeks in advance.  So, if it’s somewhere around the first week of June, and North Carolina is still opening […]

Star-Crossed Blocks

“There is nothing like looking, if you want to find something. You certainly usually find something, if you look, but it is not always quite the something you were after.”― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit, or There and Back Again This morning, I went on a quest.  I went looking after a fact, a process that led me […]

QSTs, Geese, and Ganders

We’ve talked a lot about triangles this year – setting triangles, corner triangles, half-square triangles – we’ve parlayed around the three-sided form in lots of aspects.  We’ve discussed how to make them, how to cut them, and how to trim them.  We’ve learned how to handle bias, that spray starch is a life saver, and […]

On-Point Planning

This week we’re back to estimating fabric yardage again, but now we’re looking at on-point quilts.  If you have not read my two April blogs dealing with estimating yardage for a horizontally set quilt, it would be a good idea to go back into the archives and read those first.  I’m glossing over some of […]

How to Build a Stash

This week I’m dealing with a topic that most quilters love to discuss —  fabric.  Initially, the plan was to continue estimating fabric for an on-point quilt.  We just finished up the process with a horizontally set quilt, and it was natural to just jump to the next step and deal with setting triangles.  However, […]

You’re Worth My Time and Fabric

Is everyone out there okay? Are you dealing with Stay at Home orders from your state government? Are you washing your hands? Are you wearing a mask out in public?  Are you making masks? Are your bored out of your gourd?  Are you sick and tired of cooking? If you have answered “Yes” to three […]

Mathing the Yardage II

Last week we worked through the first three steps of estimating yardage for a quilt. This week we will go through the steps of calculating the amount of fabric needed for the rest of the quilt. Step Four – Sashing Yardage and Quilt Setting At this point, some design decisions will have to be made.  […]

Mathing the Yardage I

How many times has this happened to you? You see a quilt you want to make.  Maybe it’s from across a crowded quilt show…it beckons you over.  It seductively calls to you and mesmerized…yes, even hypnotized by its beauty…you stroll over.  You try to be cool about the whole situation.  I mean it’s probably a […]

The Eyes Have It

I’ve written prior blogs about balance in a quilt.  Colors should be balanced, and quilting should be equally distributed throughout.  This sounds intimidating, but fortunately, most quilters do this intuitively. And while the intuition may need some fine tuning, it’s not an instinct you have to start from scratch and build on.  Negative space is […]

The Missing Link

Before we get into this week’s topic, I’d like to give you fellow quilters a quick public service announcement:  Check your thread.  The reason for this PSA is a picture I saw on my Facebook feed over the weekend.  A long arm artist was readying a quilt to put on her machine when the top […]