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My Favorite Quilting Notions

I’ve written blogs for a pretty long time now.  And in these blogs, I’ve discussed different quilting notions, what works for me and what doesn’t, as well as those which are worth the money and those that are more hype than substance.  As a result of these blogs, I’ve been asked (several times by several […]

Using Freezer Paper in Your Quilting

Quilters are famous for using items in their quilting which really aren’t quilting tools at all.  Bicycle clips are great to use for keeping quilts rolled up.  The magnetic dishes used by mechanics to keep screws in are great storage places for pins.  A clear, plastic shower curtain is a wonderful tool to use as […]

Chasing Roots

Most of the time, this blog is about quilting.  But not today.  Not exactly, anyway.  Today it’s about family. Several years ago, I wrote about chasing my Dad’s family tree in South Carolina.  But today…today, Eric, Mom, and I chased hers.  I knew a little about Mom’s family. Her mother, (my grandmother, Cora Alberta Perry […]

Double Wedding Ring Quilts — The Quilt Surrounded by Myths

This quilt…. Probably needs no introduction.  It’s a Double Wedding Ring.  For years it’s been prized by collectors and esteemed by quilters.  To make one of these – and make it well – is one of the hallmarks of a skilled quilter.  When I began research on this quilt, I had only heard it called […]

Finished is Better than Perfect

Okay, last blog about machine quilting, I promise… The last basting method I want to discuss is thread basting.  In the past … in the days before nifty ideas like using safety pins or the invention of spray adhesives, everyone thread basted.  And it works pretty much the same way it sounds – you baste […]

Holding the Quilt Sandwich Together

Okay…still talking about quilt sandwiches…this has taken a lot longer than I anticipated, but I think there’s a lot of good information in these blogs.  I had lots of questions when I put together my first quilt sandwich and didn’t know where to get them answered.  Everything I read simply told me to layer the […]

Before You Add the First Quilting Stitch….

Okay… the above quote deals with an actual sandwich – the kind with bread, cheese, meat, tomatoes, etc.  However, I do think the same idea holds true for a quilt sandwich.  You want the best “ingredients” you have — a wonderful top, the type of batting needed, and a great back.  As promised, this blog […]

Machine Quilting 101

Okay, confession time.  It’s been a year since COVID slowed us all down.  How many quilt tops did you make?  Next question:  How many quilt tops have you quilted?  If the second number is significantly smaller than the first number, this blog series is for you.  For the next several weeks I want to focus […]

Hand Sewing Nirvana

I’d like to discuss a topic this week which most quilters have strong opinions about – hand sewing. Now, I’m not talking about hand quilting.  That’s another topic altogether which I feel woefully inadequate to discuss.  Yes, I hand quilt on occasion.  I enjoy it.  But I am by no means proficient in the art.  […]

Gotta Love Medallion Quilts

This week I want us to take a look at an old quilt type called the Medallion Quilt.  For this blog (or next couple of blogs) will explore the history behind this quilt and why it’s still just as essential in today’s quilt world as it was in the 18th century.  We’ll also discuss how […]