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Color is a Chameleon

This week I’d like to talk a little bit more about color.  A couple of blogs ago, we talked about the 3-in-1 Color Tool and color families.  This week I want to explore this little scenario…. You’re at the fabric/quilt store.  You’re desperately attempting to find a green blender fabric which will work with your […]

How to Survive a Block of the Month or Mystery Quilt….

This week I would like to discuss another topic I have a love/hate relationship with – Blocks-of-the-Month (hereafter referred to as BOMs).  I want to discuss the two different categories, how to decide if you would like to join one, what kind to join, and once you’ve committed to a BOM, how to survive it.  […]

So Much Fabric On Line

I have always been a staunch supporter of brick-and-mortar quilt stores.  Always have been, always will be.  They’re the real backbone of our quilting community, a haven for fellow quilters, an educational portal, and in many instances, have spawned guilds and bees which have lasted for years.  However…. During the time of COVID, we all […]

Sunbonnet Sue — The Quilt Block Born on a Dare

I love to write blogs about the history of quilt blocks!  There is so much more involved than just fabric and thread with many of them.  I had such wonderful response to my blog about background of log cabins that this week I would like to discuss the ancestry behind this block: Sunbonnet Sue. Admittedly, […]

Colors and Quilts

Today….has been something.  I have been a blessed momma for more than 30 years.  My kids both attended in-state colleges.  Then they both took jobs that kept them in North Carolina, with each, at various times, working for our family company.  They also are my neighbors.  My daughter and her family live next door.  My […]

(Most of ) What You Need to Know About Sewing Machine Needles

Sooo…. The topic this week is needles.  I realize we’ve talked about needles in one very specific capacity (hand sewing needles), and in a very general way when we have talked about sewing machines.  This week I want to really highlight how important it is to use the correct sewing machine needle for the fabric […]

What Makes A Really Great Quilt Pattern

As one of the first “official” blogs of 2021, I want to talk about quilt patterns.  We’ve approached this subject before, kind of in a round-about way – we’ve talked about understanding what level of quilter you are and that you need to read the directions through before you make the first cut on your […]

Goals…How to Set Them, How to Reach Them

Last week I announced the 2021 theme – Quilting Survival.  I chose this idea on the backdrop of COVID.  At the time I’m writing this blog, two vaccines have been approved and are rolling out.  However, even with that, most us know it will be months before any of us receive it.  Masks will continue […]

The 2020 State of the Quilt

I am writing this blog on December 2, 2020.  It will be published December 30  — near to New Year’s but not quite 2021 yet.  But close enough for me to give my quilty yearly predictions and announce our theme for the next year. Overall, this is how I feel about the year 2020. Yep.  […]

Merry Chris-demic

It.  Has.  Been. A. Year. If someone, anyone would have told me during Christmas 2019, that  I would be spending most of 2020 wearing a mask, washing my hands, and standing 6-feet away from people… well, I wouldn’t have believed them.  If you remember last Christmas, we were excitedly planning to surprise the grand darlings […]