Fearlessly Progressing….

Happy Weekend!

I have been stitching my fingers off this week.  I finished my entry for The Applique Society’s Postcard to Placemat contest.  I think I’ve quilted that thing to an inch of its life, but as soon as I finish binding it, it will be photographed and shipped out.  I wish I could show it to you, but the rules state it can’t be shown on social media until the winners are chosen.  The top ten entries will be shown all over the country in different quilt shows.  My fingers are crossed and time will tell.

Meanwhile, a quilt group I belong to has started a mystery quilt.  According to the person that’s leading the bee, this one has a patriotic theme. However, since the last mystery quilt I did with this group was red, blue, and cream, I opted for other colors.  Remember what I said in last week’s blog that this year my creed was “Quilting Fearlessly?”  I backed up my words with action this week and chose colors that were totally out of my comfort zone.


This is the new collection from Connecting Threads.  It’s called Firenze and the colors are darker than I typically gravitate towards.  I’m anxious to see how this one comes out – both in the choice of blocks and how the colors work together.


I’m off to the Statesville Quilt Show next weekend with a busload of my closest quilting friends.  Stay tuned…


Love and Stitches,

Sherri and  Sam


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