There’s No Business Like Show Business…



I don’t know how many of my readers are old enough to remember those old Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney movies – the ones where Judy and Mickey always find themselves in a bit of a pickle and the answer to their dilemma was putting on a show.  This decision invariably led to the next thirty minutes of great music that showcased their dancing skills and left the viewer feeling entertained and remotely better about life in general.

It’s kind of like that in guild life.  Every couple of years or so, some guilds find themselves replenishing their coffers by putting on a quilt and vendor show.  My local guild is no different and this year it was my turn to head things up and I’ll never do that again.  It’s a job that requires pulling together a lot of people and muscle and organizing a lot of committees.  Then you kind of toss it up in the air like a pizza crust and hope for the best and pray it doesn’t land on your face or you fall flat on another part of your body.  Just sayin’.

Our show was August 12-13, 2017.  However, the planning began a year ahead of that and the show activities began on August 6, as we took in and registered the quilts at Karen’s house.  Lorraine Covington, a local NACQJ judge, presided over the judging on August 7.  This was our first judged quilt show and I really wanted to make it special for all our members who were brave enough to enter their first judged quilt event.  So we held a reception for those members that evening at the church where we meet.

Aren’t the quilts beautiful?  Isn’t this the best set up ever?


See this face right here?  This is Sarah, my friend that is moving to New York to work at Columbia University.  She’s been quilting about three years now.  She just found out she won best handwork and first place in small wall hangings.  I really hate to see her leave this area, but I will always remember this face…

On Friday afternoon, the we begin to set up for the show.


It does truly take a tribe to do a quilt show.  I am incredibly thankful that our guild never disappoints when it comes to volunteering. These folks are the best. We got the gym taped off in record time and then the quilt racks arrived.



And the quilts were hung.


And yes, I did win a ribbon.


After 5 p.m. the vendors began to arrive.  By 9:30, they had, for the most part, set up.  Then we all went home and rested up for the next two days – which are a blur to me at this point.  I had a wonderful time, bought some beautiful stuff, and was dead tired by Sunday night.


So, my guild’s 2017 Reach for the Stars! Quilt Show is now in the history books and on the treasurer’s spread sheet.  Financially, it was a huge success.  Guild-wise, everyone worked their collective tukuses off and had a great time doing it.  For me, it was wonderful working with the quilts, our members, and our vendors. However, I am glad it’s over and I am more than happy to have more time to quilt again!


Love and Stitches,

Sherri and Sam


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Thank you Sherri and everyone Else for all your hard work and great organizational skills. Another great big thank you to all the others who busted their butts and filled their homes quilt show items for months before the show.
We have the BEST guild in the area. Proud to be a member.

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