Still Seeing Double…

This has been a good week.

After about a month’s worth of moving the kids’ in their new home, dealing with vehicle issues, and husband with double vision, I have to say, this has been a good week.  The kids are moved in.  Most of the vehicle issues have been resolved (I do still need a new set of tires).  And the DH had a good doctor’s visit this week.

Bill still has his double vision, only it’s not quite as bad and now it happens more when he looks down.  A visit with his optometrist was very helpful.  To put it bluntly, his brain really took a jolt when we were hit from behind.  She likened it to a platter of Jell-O that is suddenly spun around…the gelatin keeps moving even when the spinning stops.  His eyes have got to learn to work together again.  This means more exercises and some patience.  She does believe that give or take a week or two, the double vision should go away on its own.  Meanwhile there is less and less of it.

So, this meant I had serious time in the studio this week.  I got these Farmer’s Wife blocks completed….

And I have these snowmen blocks finished, but still need to add the embellishments.

I’ve got about half of the stars completed for the third border of The Halo Medallion.


Now to catch you folks up on the inspiration for this year of Quilting Fearlessly….


My good friend, Lisa, came up with brilliant idea.  We all had finished the background and knew the floor had to go in next.  She threw the floor and sleigh up on a wall with a projector.  She found some left over Christmas wrapping paper – the kind with the square inch markings on the wrong side – and taped this up on the wall to draw the floor and sleigh out on.  As a result, we have an accurate template for the floors.  After Linda finished with it, it was handed off to me.  It took an entire evening to trace the whole thing, but it is now on some newsprint that I will use to paper piece it.  Sam was a huge help supervising the process.



My fabric order from Hancock’s of Paducah arrived this week for the floor.  It was only a week late – oy-vey.



The plan is tomorrow, since the DH will be in Mt. Airy at a tournament, I will begin to lay the Loading Dock floor.


Finally, many, many thanks go to my good quilting buddy, Susan Pierce.  She read my blog from a couple of weeks ago, and felt really badly for me.  Monday morning, she arrived at my office with this.



Gotta love your quilting friends.  They’re the best!


Love and Stitches…


Sherri and Sam (Head Quilt Supervisor-in-Charge)


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