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The State of the Quilt 2017

Dear Fellow Quilters: It’s that time again.   It’s almost the beginning of the New Year, so it’s time for me to give my yearly address concerning The State of The Quilt.  I do this every year.  It gives me time to think about what happened in the quilting world during the previous year and make […]

Of Green Guitars and Doc McStuffins

  It’s difficult to believe that next week this time, Christmas will be over and done. I don’t have to tell anyone (especially wives and mothers), how much work goes into making this 24-hour span of time a particularly magical, warm, and loving event.  And then boom!  It’s all over but breaking down the boxes […]

Now What?

It’s December 15th. Ten days until Christmas.  My shopping is done and I only have two presents left to wrap. Seventeen days until the New Year. Those of you who have either read my blog for a while or know me well are already clued into the fact that I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions.  […]


So, I’m through with my first finish on my Quilt Club’s mystery quilt (remember, there are three finishes in quilting:  finish the top, finish quilting, and finish binding).   To recap, remember that we were given six blocks to make.  We could make them either as 6-inch blocks or 12-inch blocks:   Then to those, I […]

Christmas and Color and Value

It’s that time of year again…the time where we bounce from one holiday to the next.  This week will find me boxing up all the pumpkins and fall leaves in order to replace them with trees and garland and all things sparkly and covered with bows.  The creche will take the place of the cornucopia […]

A Full Heart and Busy Hands

I love this time of year.  I love the leaves changing colors and the temperatures edging lower.  The sky is so blue it nearly makes your eyes ache to look at it.  I love that it’s nearly Thanksgiving.  When I was growing up, my mom’s big holiday was Christmas.  She and Dad would pull out […]

And The Countdown is On…

It is really hard to believe that there is so little time left in the year 2017. I mean, it just seems like yesterday that I put up a new calendar and cleaned up after Christmas.  This past week I deep cleaned the house for Thanksgiving and put up my decorations for that holiday. In […]

I Was In The Right Place, At The Right Time…

Every once in a while, I find myself at the right place at the right time… In last week’s blog, I told you that I was spending the weekend with my mom in Graham.  She had a follow up appointment with the hematologist and I wanted to go with her.  First things first, the doctor’s […]

I’m Home!

So, I’m back from my guild’s sixth annual “Drop Everything and Just Quilt!” Retreat. I am tired, but I’m feeling accomplished!  I finished the top of my Farmer’s Wife!!!  Go me!  Why is it ever a good idea to make a quilt top with 111 six-inch blocks, set on point with cornerstones?  Please tell me… […]

The Pull of the Stripe….

I am trying to break free from my stripes addiction, but the pull is strong! I need help buying non-stripes. –Gillian Jacobs   I like stripes. I also realize some quilters don’t. And I’ve never understood why. I do have an affinity for fabric that tends to give a quilt “movement.”  So, material with swirls […]