It’s Time for a Change…


Bet you didn’t expect a second blog from me this week, but I’ve been mulling over some changes to my blog and quilting life for several months and this is the first and most visible change I’ve made.

Beginning next week, my Blog, “Quilter at Heart” will move from Blog Spot to WordPress.  Why?  Well, several reasons, but let me go down the list for you.

  1.  Layout options — while Blog Spot is a wonderful free spot, it’s a great starting point for bloggers of all types.  After several active years of blogging, I’m past the point of beginning, so I’ve been looking for something a little more sophisticated that would allow me to do all kinds of things.  And while I’m now having to pay for options, I feel that it’s going to be worth it for both you and me.  I now average several thousand readers a month, and want to offer more things.
  2. I can set up a webpage through WordPress.
  3. I can offer items for sale on the webpage.  While nothing is concrete yet, I can offer patterns I’m working on and a few other items.  I also can have give-aways, etc.
  4. I can upload tutorial videos, etc and link to patterns available for download.

So those reasons (and a few more I can’t really get explain right now as decisions are pending) are why I’m making the move.  For the next few weeks, and maybe months, my blog may change as I work to find a layout I’m happy with and readers like.  If you’re following me through blogspot, have no fear.  I plan to cross post blogs through the end of 2016 and then phase it out.  And one thing I really love about WordPress is that it will automatically upload the blog link to my Facebook page and Twitter Account.

One thing that has not changed is my love for quilters and passion for quilting.  Both of those just grow more and more over time.


Love and Stitches,


Sherri and Sam


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