My Biggest Challenge?

So yesterday I met with my support group for this little project.


We all know that challenging quilts are more fun when you have someone who is going to be just as confused as you are at any given point by your side.  With that in mind, Linda, Lisa, and I met yesterday to plan our strategy for Santa’s Load Dock.  We all had read the book, Lisa had drawn out the globe, and Linda had her background already complete.

Let me mention at this point (least you feel that I was not keeping up my end of the deal) that Lisa and Linda do not work.  Please feel free to contact my husband if you feel I need to retire in order to properly support my fellow quilters.


It’s going to take about 27 months to complete this project.  Keep in mind that all three of us have other quilts under progress during this time, so SLD (Santa’s Loading Dock) will not be the only quilt under construction.  Mary Buvia, the quilt designer, only took a year to make her masterpiece, but I have a feeling that SLD was the only project she was working on during that trip around the sun.

I have decided that this is going to be another one of my stash busters. I may have to purchase more red fabric for the left side of the quilt with the reindeer names, but I think I have enough of everything else to seriously deplete my fabric supply.  I love this quilt because it does use so many colors, yet it fits together seamlessly.


In this year of “Fearless Quilting,” I feel that SLD will be my biggest challenge. If it works out well, it will also be one of my biggest rewards.  I plan on blogging about the progress of the quilt and my support group.


In the meanwhile, I have the second set of directions for The Halo Medallion.


I have some great ideas for my Snowman Challenge, but  haven’t had the time to execute them.


Here’s to Fearless Quilting!


Love and Stitches,

Sherri and Sam


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